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Visite guidée : Rousseau-Genève une relation passionnelle

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Let´s follow Rousseau´s footsteps across Geneva. On the way from the Old Town, where he was born, to Coutance, where he lived in the watchmaker´s workshop of his father, we shall walk by the Treille promenade, the Saint-Germain Church and the French residence. We shall stop at the Saint-Gervais square, where the night festival related in the Letter to d´Alembert took place, the rue des Etuves, where Jean-Jacques became an engraver´s apprentice, the Rousseau island, object of both love and hatred in Geneva, the Perron, where a bloody civil conflict deeply impressed Rousseau, the Saint-Pierre cathedral and the Hotel-de-Ville, where the patrician governement condemned and publicly burned both Emile and the Social Contract. Everywhere we shall encounter the literary and philosophical giant´s shadow. He was in love with his native town and presented it to the world as a model ; it disappointed him and he disowned it twice. Yet he deeply felt its influence and he in turn exerted a lasting influence on Geneva, which for a long time was called the city of Rousseau as well as of Calvin…

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La Cour de l'Hôtel de Ville, 1204 Genève

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